Who are we ?

The « E.I.V.I.A. » and the « Cie du Domaine Théâtral » are managed by the association « Réponses XX XXI »  Its cofounders are :



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Benoît SITZIA -managing director, musical director, composer.


In 2008 he attends the CRD in La Rochelle where he starts his musical carreer and continues studying  the classical guitare .

In 2011 he attends the CRR in Annecy , where he studies analysis and musical culture with Boris Clouteau, the organ with Jean-Christophe Revel and composition with Jean-Pascal Chaigne. nds this career, he would meet Samuel Andreyev and Stefano Gervasoni , who advise him regularly in music and works.

Today, he continues his work and reflection  in the composition class of Daniel D’Adamo at th CRR of Reims.

His pieces has been played by the « Maitrise de Radio France ; the piano player Vinca Bonnaud. LM Project (Delphine Lebaud- cellist/ Fabrizio Mancuso saxophone player) ; « Ensemble Soun dinitiative » ; « Ensemble orchestral Contemporain ».

At the same time, in 2014 he founds the association « Réponses XX-XXI » with playwright and actress Eléonore Dupraz. They manage the instrumental ensemble as well as the dramatic company.

In 2015 he co-founds the « Forum International de création Musicale et Théatrale » to promote  modern music and plays in the area of Annecy.


Eléonore DUPRAZ : theatrical director, playwright , actress. portrait (2)

She has appeared on the stage in 2005, with  Julie Despriet. Several years later,  within small structures and some shoots for amateur court-métrages, she attends the theater class of the CRR in Annecy for one year. That’s  where she studies choreographic culture with Mireille Meterrrier. At the same time she developped a great interest in writing and starts a reflection about  the evolution of literary and dramatic language, ans continues this reflection with the composer Jean-Pascal Chaigne at the CRR of Annecy.

In 2014 she co-founds the double act « Barre d’espace » (musical theatre) and creates the prologue of her play « Entre n’os chemins de vide » at the CRR of Annecy.

May 2015,  during the « forum international de création musical et théatrale, her new play « …en pièces » for  four actresses is put on. She writes a texte on a piece written by Benoit Sitzia, created by  the « ensemble sound initiative » in Reims .


What are our targets ?

Our purposes are simple and our ambitions are big :

  • develop and promote modern creations
  • give a totally fulfilling work structure to young creators and performers
  • propose quality programs 
  • participate at the spreading of culture