The Ensemble Réponses XX-XXI

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The target of the association « Réponses XX-XXI » in the musical domain is to spread and present  works of the repertory of the XXth and XXIst century as well as to promote modern creations.

For that reason, the association manages and ensures the running of the Réponses XX-XXI.

This ensemble of variable geometry under the artistic direction of Benoît Sitzia puts instrumentalists of the whole alpine area together. It is set up to spread and to put foreward the creations and the repertory that the association  defends, and also to introduce a long term work with modern composers by placing them orders for works for the musicians of the ensemble. The aim of these collaborations is to put the creative action in the heart of the life of the EIVIA and to create a rewarding dynamic for all the players of this domain.

Moreover, our approach is meant to be educational. In this context , every performance of the ensemble will go with events of mediation ( conference, concert, reading, …)

This wish is in the heart of the concern of the ensemble and its artistic director because we want to build up  a contact full of life with our audience, will informed or not.

Our objective is to transmit  simple tools permitting to understand and to catch hold of the  modern musical creations linked with the continuity of the musical repertory, but also to propose a sensitive involvement of the audience, so that they can react to what is proposed,  knowing that the musical, cultural and artistic evolution concerns everybody, of every age and background.