Domaine Théâtral


The Association Réponses XX-XXI  provides the management and the functioning of the company of the “Domaine Théatral” that responds to the needs of young actors/ performers looking for a working space that is serious as well as open minded.

La Compagnie du Domaine Théâtral has several ambitions:

– work with actors that are involved and curious
– propose texts that are mainly interested in authors of the Xxth ans XXIst century and young modern authors
– collaborate with several subjects (music, visual arts, new technologies…)to create plays
– open rehearsals of the plays to the public to exchange about the work in progress
– encourage speeches of various specialists (directors, authors, doctors etc.)  during workshops/master classes/ popularization meetings/ to make the performers (and the public) aware of different sights of their work (text, eyes,voice, body,  theatrical environment…)
– organize workshops/conferences etc. about specific theatrical themes (literary trend, history of the (play)staging and the theatre, theatrical styles, authors…) to enrich its members knowledges and to transmit these knowledges on a larger scale.

The “Domaine Théâtral” is also : 

– an adjustable company according to the first production
– the possibility to appeal a wardrobe mistress or a visual artist, members of the association “Réponses XX-XXI” to create  the scenery and props
– a management committee that listens to suggestions of its members and  that is ready to  supply the necessary means for the creation of their projects within the context of the ambitions of the association